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Hellloooooo 👻 there,


That’s my attempt at being slightly spooky. Our house is full of pumpkins, glow in the dark ghosts, and plastic spiders…which look a little too realistic for my liking!

Welcome to our spooky special – a round-up of all those stories that give us social media folks the creeps – notably when employees go rogue on social media.  

I often get asked about Tik Tok and its role in B2B. It’s a topic I’m still researching but over the last few weeks it’s become very apparent to me that whilst Tik Tok isn’t directly a business networking platform, it is one that employees are actively creating content on and therefore needs attention.

Employee actions on Tik Tok can bring brands (quickly and unexpectedly) under the microscope. Whilst most of the examples in this article are B2C, it shows how employees openly share on social media with perhaps little consideration for the consequences.  Have you had experience with Tik Tok and employees?

Anyway, I’m taking the day off to carve pumpkins with kids who have design expectations way bigger than my carving abilities. Hmmmm.


Until next time, have a great November!




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