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Activate Your Employees On Social Media At Scale

Getting employees active on social media starts with building their confidence through knowledge of best practices. However, enabling effective and coherent learning experience across multiple departments, functions and even regions can be challenging. We’ve created these modules to help you rapidly and efficiently scale the process by using bitesize eLearning modules, matched with each user’s learning needs and available on demand on any device.


Our Approach To Learning


Based on our experience, we know that employees start from different places when it comes to becoming more active on social media. Some will already be sharing content they find interesting, maybe even engaging with industry influencers whilst others stay well away from social in a professional capacity through fear of getting it wrong. Employees’ experiences and knowledge are not all going to be the same, so why should they all learn the same content?


social business maturity matrix


Using our Social Business Maturity Model or your Employee Advocacy data, we can map employees based on the extent to which they network and how digitally active they are with their brand.  This information is then analysed to match specific eModules with specific learners and ensure that only relevant ones are being served. This keeps learners engaged and the time spent on training is used much more efficiently.

Accelerate Social Activation Through eLearning

Empower your employees through access to instant knowledge – anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Scale Your Learning Efforts Through Targeted Learning

Enrol large numbers of learners at once. Align behaviours to learning needs by targeting user with specific modules.

Measure The Impact Of Learning

Gather comprehensive data on users learning journey such as engagement levels and completion rates.

Learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile with our FREE eLearning modules

"Only 45% of employees have a clear understanding what they should and what they shouldn’t do on social channels when it comes to company-related topics”

Source: Altimeter Group, a Prophet Company


Social Impact Online Micromodules

[1 module]
The 'Do's and Don'ts' of using social media at work


[5 modules]
LinkedIn profile optimisation and beginning to build an online presence.


[3 modules]
Growing, expanding and managing your network on LinkedIn.


[3 modules]
Setting up your Twitter profile and using the platform to cut through noise.


[5 modules]
Finding, sharing & optimising content for increased engagement & reach


[2 modules]
How to structure a blog for success & LinkedIn video content


[2 modules]
Optimising Sales Navigator & crafting InMails to get a response


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to build and measure professional online presence
  • Understand how to optimise LinkedIn and Twitter profiles
  • Build, manage and expand professional social networks
  • Understand the importance of engagement on social media
  • Learn content curation and content sharing best practices
  • Understand how to expand social reach using LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Learn how to create original written and video content
  • Learn how to use Sales Navigator and InMail

Ideal For Organisations That: 

  • Want to advance their employees to the next
    level of social media activation
  • Have deployed an employee advocacy tool and
    want employees to understand sharing etiquette
  • Want to encourage more employees to build out their social media presence for broader brand reach

Ideal For Professionals That: 

  • Work in sales and want to adopt social selling techniques
  • Are subject matter experts that need to build credibility before they invest time building influence
  • Want to differentiate themselves within their area of specialism

Micromodule Content:

The Fundamentals
  • How to start building your online presence
  • The key components of an effective headline
  • Key elements to include in your LinkedIn summary
  • Choosing the right profile picture
  • Quick LinkedIn profile fixes
Increase Your Network Size
  • How to build your core network on LinkedIn
  • How to expand beyond your core network on LinkedIn
  • How to manage your network
  • Setting up your Twitter account and profile
  • How to find your first 100 Twitter followers
  • Using Twitter lists to cut through the noise
Increase The Level Of Social Activity
  • Building your social reputation
  • The key principles of content sharing
  • Build searches that filter out the noise
  • Discovering content to share
  • Optimising your content for engagement and reach
Thought Leadership
  • How to structure your blog for success
  • How to create your first video for LinkedIn
Social Selling
  • Are you optimising your Sales Navigator?
  • How to craft an InMail that gets a response

"60% of L&Ds expect to spend more on online, on-demand learning than they did in 2019".

Source:  LinkedIn Leading With Learning Report 2020

Pricing & Delivery Options

eLearning Micromodules

Hosted on our LMS
£ 80 /per person
  • 1 learner
  • 30 days access from user activation
  • Templates, guides, checklist and demo videos

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eLearning Micromodules

Hosted on our LMS
£ 65 /per person
  • 100+  learners
  • 90 days access from user activation
  • Templates, guides, checklist and demo videos
  • User analytics and tracking
  • Custom designed training portal
  • Larger volume discounts available


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eLearning Micromodules

Hosted on your LMS
£52 /per person
  • 100+  learners
  • 1 year
  • Templates, guides, checklist and demo videos
  • User analytics and tracking access through your own LMS
  • Rebranding of the emodules (free for 1000+ licences)
  • Delivered in SCORM or Tin Can format
  • Larger volume discounts available


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