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    Social Master Course

    Elevate the social reputation of internal subject matter experts into a position of thought leadership and influence.

    |  Tailored Workshop  |

    Tailored Workshop

    Build Credibility & Influence Through Content Creation

    Build A Content Driven Culture

    Content costs budget.  Not only that, it takes time.  50% of B2B content marketers say they struggle to create content consistently.  Save budget, time and hassle by activating your most credible source of content ever…your employees!

    Strengthen Brand Authenticity Online

    Trust is everything.  In fact, according to one study, 58% of buyers did not believe claims made by the vendor they ultimately bought from.  Buyers want hands-on experience.  They want authentic insights from the practitioners who work with customers.

    Let Employees Humanise Your Brand

    At the end of the day, it’s the people behind your logo that keep the wheels turning.  Showcase the talent and expertise that sits within your company.  Humanising your brand will build trust and credibility with your buyers.

    “A company’s in-house experts are, on average, 22 percentage points more credible than the company CEO”

    Source: Edelman Trust Barometer

    SocialMaster Course Overview

    Learning Objectives:

    • Know how to select the most appropriate content type to suit style and interest.
    • Know how to optimise content for sustained promotion.
    • Know how to research trends and create content that is relevant and timely.
    • Understand how to establish an editorial plan for content.

    Expected Outcomes:

    • Begin moving social profiles from reputation to influence.
    • Able to identify trending topics and themes that are interesting to the target audiences.
    • Able to optimise content using keywords, links and post structure best practice.
    • Build a social promotion plan that can easily be replicated.
    • Create an influencer marketing strategy.

     Ideal For Organisations That:

    • Want to encourage employees to blog externally.
    • Are looking to build brand credibility via sharing employee expertise.
    • Would like to showcase their subject matter experts as thought leaders.
    • Want to reduce content marketing spend by creating authentic content internally.

    Ideal For Professionals That:

    • Want to increase their influence and be recognised for thought leadership.
    • Are looking to attract more speaking opportunities.
    • Want to build credibility with customers by sharing their expertise.
    • Interested in differentiating their brand from the competition.

    SocialExpert Curriculum

    Module 1: Discover Your Voice
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Discover your voice
    • Lesson 2:  Create your content plan – segment, target and message
    • Lesson 3:  Build your keyword strategy
    • Lesson 4:  Set objectives and map out your editorial calendar
    Module 2: Selecting Your Media
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Selecting your media
    • Lesson 2:  Overview of blogging
    • Lesson 3:  Overview of video streaming
    • Lesson 4:  Overview of podcasting
    • Lesson 5:  Choosing what’s best for you
    Module 3: Connect With Your Audience
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Connect with your audience
    • Lesson 2:  Social listening for trending themes
    • Lesson 3:  Crowdsource ideas via your communities
    • Lesson 4:  Using polls/research for credible content
    • Lesson 5:  Other sources of inspiration
    Module 4: Optimise Your Content
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Optimise your content
    • Lesson 2:  Blogging optimisation techniques
    • Lesson 3:  Video streaming optimisation techniques
    • Lesson 4:  Podcasting optimisation techniques
    Module 5: Promoting Your Content
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Promoting your content
    • Lesson 2:  Publish to promotion checklist
    • Lesson 3:  Mentioning and tagging influencers
    • Lesson 4:  Pinning and showcasing your latest content
    • Lesson 5:  Repurposing content to maximise promotion
    Module 6: Activity
    • Review and optimise a sample blog post
    • Create an editorial calendar, hashtag and keyword strategy

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    Tailored Workshop

    Social Master
    £ 3,125 /per workshop
    • Max 15 learners
    • 7-hour workshop on-site
    • Pre-workshop interviews
    • Content tailored to individuals
    • Accompanying workbook

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