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Webinar: How Leaders Can Effectively Use Social Media

Learn how Microsoft leader, Lee Welch, uses social media to engage with his team, attract talent and deepen relationships with customers

In this webinar Tribal Impact’s founder, Sarah Goodall, was joined by Lee WelchAzure Solutions Manager at Microsoft, to discuss why it is so important for leaders to embrace social media to engage employees and customers.


Having an active social media presence in business is no longer a 'nice-to-have' but an essential part of staying relevant and connected to customers, prospects and employees.

Building a social presence online keeps leaders front of mind with their network when they're not physically sat in front of them. 

Executive engagement on social media results in higher brand recognition as well as higher levels of employee engagement and trust.

Yet, many leaders are unsure of how to get started.  In this webinar Lee will share his journey to help those in leadership positions start, or grow, their footprint online.


social leadership webinar

Watch The Social Leadership Webinar

Lee Welch is an active social leader. He knows what works, what doesn't work and has seen first hand how active social leadership can inspire employees.


What you'll learn from this webinar...

  • Why leaders should embrace social media
  • The benefits of social leadership for personal and company brand
  • How social leadership helps engage and inspire teams and employees
  • How Lee has adopted social media into his routine and how he selects content for his audiences
  • Tips and best practices for growing your social media presence as a leader

Sarah Goodall - Tribal ImpactTribal Sarah_small

Founder @ Tribal Impact: Enabling Organisations Drive Revenue Growth Via Employee Social  Advocacy & Digital Selling

"I lead the tribe at Tribal Impact. We specialise in helping B2B organisations achieve revenue growth through an integrated approach to Employee Advocacy, Social Selling, Content Marketing and Social Media."


Lee Welch - Microsoft
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Azure Solutions Manager @ Microsoft: Empowering Manufacturing & Resources customers to achieve more leveraging the power of the Intelligent Cloud

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