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    Delivered as
    eLearning Course  |  Live Webinar Series  |  Tailored Workshop

    Building Reputation & Nurturing Networks At Scale

    Digitally Nurture Relationships

    The Social Expert course is ideal for those that want to digitally nurture relationships at scale.  Understanding how to build digital connections and stay front-of-mind with networks over time builds trust and credibility.   It also strengthens employee profiles in their area of expertise.

    Engage In More Conversations

    Understanding when to engage and how to constructively comment takes practice.  This course enables your employees to make the right choices and mitigate the risk of saying the wrong thing online.  Ideal for social sellers.

    Create Value Through Content Sharing

    The biggest step your employees will take as a Social Expert is finding and sharing relevant content with their network.  Knowing what to share, how often and when to share will strengthen their reputation as knowledge experts.

    “74% of B2B buyers chose the company that was the first to add value to their buying experience”

    Source: Corporate Visions

    SocialExpert Course Overview

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the importance of engagement on social media.
    • Know how to use LinkedIn Groups to best effect.
    • Understand how to expand social reach using Twitter.
    • Learn how to build networks beyond core connections.
    • Understand content sharing best practices.

    Expected Outcomes:

    • Be able to confidently find and share content online.
    • Advance their social listening and measurement skills.
    • Analyse competitor use of LinkedIn and Twitter.
    • Identify influencers within their area of expertise.
    • Able to optimise content types to social channels.

    Ideal For Organisations That:

    • Want to advance their Social Apprentices to the next
      level in the Social Impact Program
    • Have deployed an employee advocacy tool and
      want employees to understand sharing etiquette
    • Want to encourage more employees to build out
      their Twitter presence for broader brand reach

    Ideal For Professionals That:

    • Work in sales and want to adopt social selling techniques
    • Are subject matter experts that need to build credibility before they invest time building influence
    • Want to differentiate themselves within their area of specialism

    SocialExpert Curriculum

    Module 1: The Importance Of Engagement On Social Media
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – The importance of engagement on social media
    • Lesson 2:  Why engagement and sharing is key to building a professional brand
    • Lesson 3:  Identifying engagement opportunities and triggers on LinkedIn
    • Lesson 4:  Mastering the art of constructive commenting
    • Lesson 5:  Tips for participating in LinkedIn Groups
    Module 2: Sharing Content To Build Your Reputation
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Sharing content to build your reputation
    • Lesson 2:  Sharing best practices:  what to share, when to share and how often to share
    • Lesson 3:  Finding content to share
    • Lesson 4:  Establish a sharing habit
    Module 3: Getting Started On Twitter
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Getting started on Twitter
    • Lesson 2:  Setting up your Twitter account and profile
    • Lesson 3:  Understanding the language of Twitter
    • Lesson 4:  Composing and reading tweets
    Module 4: Build Your Twitter Network
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Build your Twitter network
    • Lesson 2:  How to find your first 100 followers
    • Lesson 3:  Tips for growing your Twitter network
    • Lesson 4:  How to follow, unfollow and spot a fake profile
    • Lesson 5:  Building Twitter lists to cut through the noise
    • Lesson 6:  Using Twitter for events and tweet chats
    Module 5: Smart Social Business Techniques
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – smart social business techniques
    • Lesson 2:  Smart searches that filter out noise
    • Lesson 3:  Smart community management with Crowdfire
    • Lesson 4:  Smart listening with Hootsuite
    • Lesson 5:  Smart sharing with Buffer
    Module 6: Advance Your Social Impact
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Advanced your social impact
    • Lesson 2:  Beyond LinkedIn:  Are you having an impact?
    • Lesson 3:  5 Ways to boost your impact on LinkedIn
    • Lesson 4:  5 Ways to boost your impact on Twitter
    • Lesson 5:  Coffee cup routine for Twitter

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    eLearning Course

    Social Expert
    £ 65 /per person
    • Unlimited learners
    • 90 days access from user activation
    • Templates, guides, checklists & demo videos
    • User analytics & tracking
    • Custom designed training portal (one-off fee of £800)
    • Volume discounts available
    • Minimum quantity applies

    Live Webinar Series

    Social Expert
    £ 5,800 /per series
    • Max 80 learners
    • 5 live webinars with active discussion
    • Bi-weekly installments
    • Recordings available for 30 days
    • Accompanying workbook

    Tailored Workshop

    Social Expert
    £1,925 /per workshop
    • Max 12 learners
    • 4-hour workshop on-site
    • Pre-workshop profile analysis
    • Content tailored to business
    • Accompanying workbook
    • Two workshops (full day) @ £2,825

    Why Choose The SocialExpert eLearning Program?


    Professionally designed by eLearning experts so your employees enjoy the experience of learning.


    Learners can dip in and out of their social media journey to fit their busy schedules and families.


    Employee guided learning at a pace that suits them. Need more time to absorb? Be our guest.


    Theory is great but without context, is pointless. We focus on examples and learning through storytelling.


    All our lessons are less than 10 minutes long. Just enough time to eat a sandwich or drink a coffee!


    Our training is packed full of demos, checklists, templates and guides. Lots of support along the way.

    Ready to transform into a social business?

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