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Webinar: From Social Silos To Social First

How Ericsson Is Driving Holistic Social Media Activation & Transformation Across All Employees

Ericsson was recently recognised as a leader in Hootsuite’s Social Media Maturity Benchmark report, for integrating social media across their organisation.

Employee advocacy, executive activation and social selling are all hugely powerful for organisations in their own right. However, when you bring the pieces of the jigsaw together and activate social across your entire business, you can deliver long-term, business-wide impact. This is the journey that Ericsson is on.

In this webinar Anita Veszeli, Ericsson's Global Head of Social Engagement & Advocacy, outlines the social landscape at Ericsson, how social media has evolved over the years as well as the initiatives that have driven this maturity (including executive activation). 

Sarah Goodall (Tribal Impact) and Tim Williams (Onalytica) hosted this session - it provides practical insights and actions you can take to activate your organisation on a similar journey.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • What a social-first business is
    • The business-wide benefits it brings to the wider company
    • How Ericsson has evolved to Hootsuite’s Social Maturity Leader status
    • Lessons learnt when piecing together the social jigsaw
    • Achieving buy-in and engagement from Ericsson leaders
    • How to build a social-first plan of action for 2021 - and measure the business-wide impact

This webinar is ideal for those who:

    • Want to centralise social media activation across their whole business
    • Are tasked with social media enablement and training
    • Want to scale or optimise advocacy programs internally 
    • Need to activate Subject Matter Experts on social media and start producing thought leadership content
    • Want to activate their leaders on social media
Social Business Transformation Webinar Ericsson

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Anita Veszeli - Ericsson
Webinar Guest Images

Global Head of Social Engagement and Advocacy @ Ericsson: Leading social-first thinking at Ericsson to help deliver a connected world

I believe in adopting a strategic approach to digital marketing, challenging existing ways of doing things, and measuring the impact of our programs.


Sarah Goodall - Tribal ImpactTribal Sarah_small

Founder @ Tribal Impact: Enabling Organisations Drive Revenue Growth Via Employee Social  Advocacy & Digital Selling

"I lead the tribe at Tribal Impact. We specialise in helping B2B organisations achieve revenue growth through an integrated approach to Employee Advocacy, Social Selling, Content Marketing and Social Media."



Tim Williams - OnalyticaWebinar Guest Images (1)

CEO @ Onalytica: Connecting brands and influencer communities together to help create better content and messaging.

"I am passionate about analytics and measuring the impact of this activity against business outcomes and helping integrate influencers into a wider social advocacy strategy."