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Hi there,

Welcome to October 1st with a summary of our September news. Hands up – my fault. I’m completely mystified how September passed so quickly.

September was a month of firsts for me. My daughters first day at school, my first pair of glasses and my first official Tribal retreat which finished last Friday.

Our tribe is a virtual team so I make a point of bringing us together every so often to prioritise activities, resolve issues and have fun – this year we visited Windsor for a right royal day out.

When we get together we all bring themes to the table. Trends we’re noticing. Topics we’re asked about. There was a common theme bubbling up for us all. Optimisation.

I’m having more conversations with companies who invested in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, given the standard LinkedIn webinar training but aren’t seeing huge user uptake. If that sounds familiar, know that you aren’t alone.

This month our Chatter is focused around Social Selling optimisation. We also have a nifty little tool we use to quickly analyse your Sales Navigator report and give you some quick recommendations. Send me an email if you’re interested!


team retreat

Finally, we’re hosting our 3rd Social Business Exchange at The Shard on November 26th focused around the same topic. I’m excited for two reasons.

First, it’s at THE SHARD! Second, my good friend Kirsten Boileau from SAP is flying over from Canada to share how SAP has grown their Modern Selling program to one that I consider to be the most successful in B2B. Spaces are limited, but as a Chatter subscriber you get first refusal to book a place.

Register For The Event


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