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Hi there,

We’ve carved the pumpkins, decorated the house and the girls are very excited for their first Halloween party this week – they’re all going as witches.

It’s a scary time of year in more ways than one – the nights are getting darker (eek!), it’s fast approaching Christmas (argh!) and it’s nearly the end of 2019 (ARGH!). But it’s also a good excuse to light some candles, watch the TV and feel hygge (something I learned living in Norway).


One program I’ve been watching is The Apprentice. It winds me up and entertains me in equal measure but I can’t stop watching it because it reminds me of everything I dislike about dysfunctional teams and toxic cultures.

Last week, my ex-SAP friend and colleague Michael Brenner launched a book called “Mean People Suck”  and we chatted about it on my upcoming podcast - sneak preview here. Culture is everything when it comes to employee advocacy. If your employees aren’t connected to your company in more ways than just their pay slip, you’re going to struggle motivating them to advocate your brand on social media.

So this months Chatter is focused around all the articles we’ve been reading around this very topic. Check out the Tiny Pulse 2019 Employee Engagement Report, “The End Of Employee Loyalty”. Great read.

Until next time, 



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