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Hey there,

I have just recovered from doughnut overload 🍩.  This week we celebrated our 5th Tribal birthday - a huge milestone for me, my team and my family.  As always, we ditch the cake in favour of a Krispy Kreme but given it was a special occasion, I upgraded to kits and asked the team to share their designs

Today our tribe is 30+ people strong.  We have writers, marketers, enablers, business managers, accountants, analysts, designers…I could go on.  So, this month I dedicate this newsletter to our tribe.  The people who have helped build our organisation to be a fun place to work, to learn and to move out of our comfort zone and grow.

This month I’ve focused our Chatter on growth – not just business growth but personal growth.  The last 5 years have been quite a journey and I’ve spent a little time reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned, the culture we’ve created and the journey we’ve been on.  As a result, I’ve written five  ‘behind the scenes’ blogs this week about that journey (below).

See you next time…



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