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Hey there,

How’s it going? I can’t believe we’re nearly in August. I’m sat writing this as I look out my window watching a group of sparrows constantly tweeting to each other (they’re not using hashtags 🙄).

Over the last 4 months, since spending a lot of time at my desk, I’ve watched this little ‘crue’ of sparrows in fascination. 

From watching the parents build the nest, to the fledglings leaving it and my cats mouth chattering at the sight of it. Is it me or am I the only one appreciating more of the little things that I was once too busy to notice?

Anyway, there’s a lot of twittering in our tribe right now:



🎉 For a start, we’ve welcomed four new members - Julia, Anna, Sinéad and Amanda  
🤝 Second, we’ve onboarded 5 new customers in the last month – it’s been busy
🍩 Third, we’re fast approaching our 5th birthday so that means doughnuts all round!
🏓 Finally, we launched our latest eBook - Sales & Marketing Alignment:  The Ultimate Game Of Digital Ping Pong.

Last year my digital ping pong sketch sparked a lot of interest. Inspired by that, Tribal members Fiona and Lani took it one step further and wrote an eBook! So, this newsletter is dedicated to them and their amazing contribution 🙏. It makes me so unbelievably proud to see our tribe grow and create such high quality content 😊

And, if you’re wondering why all the emojis? Well, it was #WorldEmojiDay last week and tribe member Anna wrote a blog about emojis in B2B Marketing

Have a great August and see you at the end of next month for a special birthday update 🎈

All the best,


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