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Tribal Impact Webinar

How to optimise your employee advocacy program for the year ahead

Tribal Impact’s founder, Sarah Goodall has teamed up with Carolyn Brock, Employee Advocacy Operations at SAP to help you  discover the best ways to squeeze the most out of your Employee Advocacy tool over the coming year.


Employee Advocacy is a relatively low-risk way of enabling your employees to share content on social media. 

An advocacy tool accelerates this process making it easy for employees to share content to their social channels direct from their mobile device.   

However, too often programs are left to manage themselves.  User activity declines and suddenly you're left paying for a tool that isn’t delivering up to your expectations. 


When you look beyond the dashboards and dig into the data, you get an accurate picture of what’s going on. These insights help you discover your future employee influencers, identify your social spammers and align training to the needs of your advocates.


SAP were early adopters of Employee Advocacy launching their program in 2013. They continuously set high standards when it comes to motivating and measuring their investment impact. They are constantly innovating, scaling and adapting the program internally, which you will learn more about during this webinar.  


This webinar is ideal for professionals who...

  • Are responsible for managing an Employee Advocacy program or pilot program within a global organisation
  • Are looking to (re)launch an Employee Advocacy program
  • Need to scale their existing Employee Advocacy pilot
  • Want to learn from others who have experienced the journey
Employee Advocacy Optimisation Study

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Sarah Goodall - Tribal ImpactTribal Sarah_small

Founder @ Tribal Impact: Enabling Organisations Drive Revenue Growth Via Employee Social  Advocacy & Digital Selling

"I lead the tribe at Tribal Impact. We specialise in helping B2B organisations achieve revenue growth through an integrated approach to Employee Advocacy, Social Selling, Content Marketing and Social Media."


Carolyn Brock - SAPCarolyn Brock

Employee Advocacy Operations @ SAP

When most people hear the term "social media"​ they think of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In B2B marketing, it's much more than that. Many organizations struggle to identify the most effective social media techniques, which is understandable given how frequently the platforms and tactics change.”