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eBook: Seven Steps To Reinvigorate Your Employee Advocacy Program

It’s common for employee advocacy programs to experience a drop off in engagement after an initially successful and buoyant 6-9 months.

After this point, things can tail off and you’ll need some further processes and incentivisation to keep people motivated.

Like any major change, an Employee Advocacy Program is something that needs more than simply implementing. It needs continually nurturing, reviewing and refining in order to maximise adoption and become part of the business culture.

At Tribal, we get many enquiries from organisations who have a fantastic tool, have led a successful launch campaign but aren’t really seeing the success they anticipated. If that sounds familiar, then this ebook is for you.

So, to assist with reinvigorating your program, this eBook covers:


  • What to do if your program is faltering and engagement from your people is dwindling
  • How to plan and run a successful relaunch which injects energy and enthusiasm into the program
  • How to set, track and measure goals which drive the program forward
  • What activities combine to make a successful and sustainable employee advocacy program
eBook reinvigorating employee advocacy program

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