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LinkedIn Profile Improvement eLearning

Learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile with our FREE eLearning modules

According to LinkedIn, complete profiles get 40x more views.

If you want to become more active on social media, the first thing to do it make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully optimised and then build out your core network. 

Whether you're looking to grow your personal brand or help your team or employees grow theirs, our LinkedIn eLearning modules take you through the fundamentals of building or improving your online presence.


What do I get?

When you register for the course we'll send you a series of emails over 5 days. You'll get one eLearning module per day starting from the day you register. You can complete the tasks each day or save them and do them all at once.

These are the modules you'll be sent:

Day 1: Social Business Maturity Quiz & LinkedIn profile fixes

Day 2: Choosing the right profile picture 

Day 3: The key components of an effective LinkedIn headline 

Day 4: Key elements to include in your LinkedIn About section

Day 5: How to build your core network on LinkedIn 


Who's this eLearning for?

  • Learning & Development professionals who are looking for an effective way to scale social media training to employees

  • Individuals who want to build their social influence on LinkedIn

  • Marketing leaders who want to engage employees to increase brand reach on social media

  • Sales leaders who want to enable their team with social selling

eLearning Doesn't Have To Be Boring

eLearning is relatively new in the learning space and often comes in the form of long, pre-recorded video content that's not engaging or interactive. 

At Tribal, we've broken the rules. All of our eLearning micro-modules are less than 5 minutes long, are interactive and fully responsive to play on your phone, tablet or desktop!


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