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Hey there,

How are you keeping? Here in the UK we’re slowly easing out of the lockdown but if I’m honest, I’m a little hesitant. After 14 weeks at home with the kids I’m getting rather used to no school run, swimming clubs and gymnastics classes. I’ve had a little more time to read, exercise and learn new skills.

We recently did some fascinating work with our HR team around motivation, discovering what motivates and demotivates each of us. What surprised me most was how ‘growth’ driven our tribe is. Everyone one of us loves to learn and try new experiences. I’d love to build a culture of learning at Tribal – the whole concept fascinates me. 

Therefore, this month I decided to share some of the articles I’ve been reading around the ‘learning’ topic. I also completed the “Find Your Why” exercise which completely blew my mind (happy to share if you’re interested). It just feels like the right time to press the reset button, think about motivations and go learn something new.

So, with my newly found learning mindset I had lofty expectations of re-igniting my passion for piano playing or maybe learn how to cook properly. But no. I learned how to make loom bands with my girls and how to draw 😆

All the best,


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