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Hey there,

I’m sat here looking out my window and it’s pitch dark.  The nights are drawing in (again) and the temperature has taken tumble.  A little like me a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been off social media after having a school-run accident - my feet got tangled up in scooters and I fell.  Luckily, no broken bones.  Just bruises and black eyes but I’m on the mend!

Since returning back online I’ve had a few conversations that have unsettled me.  As the crisis continues, the long-term fall-out is becoming ever more concerning.  More people are losing their jobs, companies are tightening up their budgets and smaller businesses are really feeling the impact. 

For months I’ve been trying to figure out how our tribe can support people affected by these changes.  This month, we made the decision to giveaway our LinkedIn Profile eLearning modules for free.  I’m hoping this small gesture can help someone who needs to refresh their resume, build their reputation and find their next job.

So, if you know a person who might need this right now, please forward them this newsletter which is also packed full of articles and tips. #PayItForward

Until next time, please stay safe.


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