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Hey there,

Did I miss Spring? 2020 felt like an eternity and now we full steam ahead into summer 2021. Do you feel like everything’s moving too fast? Maybe it’s because things are slowly opening up.

Anyway, last week was a momentous Tribal occasion - our team met in person for the first time in 18 months. It was full of all that chit-chat you just don’t get when you’re on a Zoom call. However, not all of us could make it. I got an alert the night before to isolate for 10 days. So myself, along with several others, attended remotely. It’s like hosting your own party and not being able to join. I’m nearly over it…but not quite.


June 2021 Newsletter


What it did highlight for me is hybrid working is here to stay. Those in the room felt the agenda too rushed whilst those at home were quickening up the pace. That inspired me for today's topic which has nothing whatsoever to do with advocacy or social media. It’s about how we adjust our work patterns and manage flexibility.  

One final thing to share, which I thought was very interesting, is this interview Tim Williams and I did with Zoe Sands a couple of weeks ago. She had her identity stolen on LinkedIn and talked through how it happened and how she handled it. Social media security is becoming a very hot topic so keep aware!

Right, I’m off for a run. My half marathon is 5 weeks away and I’m getting very nervous!

All the best,



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