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Hey there,


How’s it going? I can’t believe we’re at the end of August. It’s been quite a month starting with my half marathon (I made it to the finish line), my birthday, and then Tribal’s 6th birthday. I’m beginning to feel like the Queen who celebrates two birthdays every year. I’m not complaining – it means eating cake twice! 

Over the last 2 years, we’ve noticed significant interest around the topic of influencer marketing in B2B. It’s a topic we partner with Onalytica on and is the theme of this month's newsletter – connecting employee experts with external influencers for credible conversation. We interviewed 16 employee experts from PwC, Mercer, and Google, and more to understand how they came to be influential on social media. Check out the interviews in this online eBook (you’ll even meet my youngest daughter in the Brian Madden interview 🙄!)

Right, we’ll this week I’m camping in the New Forest with wild horses (and equally wild kids) 🏕. 

Hopefully, I’ll see you next month!


All the best



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