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Tribal Impact Webinar

Learn how IBM activate their employees to become industry influencers

In this Tribal webinar, Sarah is joined by Mihaela Stoian, Content Strategy Leader at IBM Systems Europe, to discuss the growing importance of employee voice and the rise of expert employees as influencers.

The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that customers and employees are over five times more important to a company’s long-term success than shareholders. It also showed that respondents believe company technical experts are the most credible source of information about a company when it comes to the decision making process. Yet many businesses aren't realising the potential influence and the growing impact of activating internal experts on social media.

If you have an advocacy program and are unsure of how to take it to the next level, building an employee influencer activation program is the ideal next step.

IBM have done this. During this webinar, Mihaela will share how she identified and activated internal experts on social media, as well as sharing how she measured the impact of this process.


In order to activate your internal influencers, you first need to identify them, then you can start connecting them with relevant industry external influencers.


What you'll learn from this webinar...

  • Why you should activate your expert employees to become influencers
  • The power of employee voice & influence
  • How to identify your internal influencers
  • How to build an internal influencer activation program
  • The benefits of connecting internal with external influencers
  • What IBM learned from this employee activation process


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Sarah Goodall - Tribal ImpactTribal Sarah_small

Founder @ Tribal Impact: Enabling Organisations Drive Revenue Growth Via Employee Social  Advocacy & Digital Selling

"I lead the tribe at Tribal Impact. We specialise in helping B2B organisations achieve revenue growth through an integrated approach to Employee Advocacy, Social Selling, Content Marketing and Social Media."


Mihaela Stoian - IBMSBX Nov 2019 Speakers (1)

Content Strategy Leader @ IBM Systems Europe: Driving customer engagement through digital channels, integrated marketing strategies, communications, and brand consulting.

As a creative and dedicated Communications, Digital and Content professional, I am passionate about building meaningful and authentic narratives and driving brand advocacy through engaging dialogue and digital storytelling.