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Hey there,

There’s a lot to love about February - sunny mornings, blooming daffodils and pancakes – yummy - take a look at Tribal’s effort here. Spring is on the way and it feels good.

This month I’m digging deep into employee generated content and employees as influencers. It’s a topic that has become increasingly popular with our customers.

Not surprising, given that 68% of B2B decision makers trust your technical experts above all other sources of company information (Edelman). 

For me, this is where employee advocacy meets influencer activation which then meets content marketing. When you look into your data, identify your most socially successful employees, onboard them in to an influencer activation program and then craft content around their passion – bingo! You’ve connected the dots and created an authentically inbound way of attracting your next customer.

Check out the Gartner report, the LinkedIn/Edelman study and the MarTech article about really focusing on crafting relevant thought leadership for your buyers.

See you next time!


Fake Influence and Authenticity cartoon | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne

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