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Full-Day Workshop | Online Workshop Series

Deepen Relationships Via Employee Generated Content

Differentiate Through Knowledge & Expertise 

Build an authentic brand voice by highlighting the knowledge and expertise of your employee thought leaders.  Create content that is aligned to the buyer journey and is customer-centric.

Equip Your Experts With Insights & Metrics

Use tools and techniques to identify topics and trends, allowing you to guide your experts with insights to help keep their content relevant.  Create content clusters to ensure you're working to a plan that strengthens your SEO.

Invest In Home Grown Talent & Content

Create a culture of content and inspire your employees to be part of the brand conversation on social media.  Enable employees to tell stories, structure content effectively and be able to publish with confidence.  

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Despite the fact only 3% of employees share content, they generate 30% of all content engagement for an average business

Source: LinkedIn


Content Marketing Workshop

According to LinkedIn, 75% of B2B buyers said the winning vendor’s content had a significant impact on their buyer decisions.  At a time when much of the purchase decision process is being researched and conducted online, buyers are turning to content to inform, educate and entertain.

However, content supply exceeds content consumption significantly.  Marketers have responded to the digital buyer by focusing on quantity rather than quality.  The result?  Noise.  Too much for buyers to consume and less effective results for brands.  

  • When both sales and marketing align to the buyer journey, content becomes more relevant to the buyer.  According to Tout App, 80% of the marketing content created goes unused by sales.

  • When marketers engage employees to create and share content, they appeal to buyers in a more authentic way.  According to The Edelman Trust Barometer, experts and peers are among the Top 3 most trusted sources of content.

The challenge for marketers today is to motivate their employee experts to invest energy into creating credible content.  These authentic sources are often closer to the buyer.  They understand the market issues.  They're listening to buyer concerns.  They are well positioned to build influence within the market.

Our Expert Content Marketing Workshop is best suited for content and campaign marketing professionals who want to shift the messaging of their campaigns to be more emotive, human and credible.  Take your influencer marketing strategy further by identifying, nurturing and creating expert influencers from within your business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know how to identify & support your social savvy experts
  • Learn how to create a culture of content internally
  • Understand how to research content topics and keywords 
  • Create a content plan using clusters and sub-clusters
  • Learn how to structure content for SEO
  • Know how to create social content to support promotion
  • Identify best practices and improvement needs

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Reduce the need for external content marketing agencies
  • Redirect budget to internal content creation
  • Increase earned media sharing through peer networks
  • Drive higher conversion through authentic storytelling
  • Improve employee engagement with enablement support

Ideal For Organisations That: 

  • Are experiencing lower conversion rates from content
  • Want content to be more relevant to buyers
  • Need to inject more storytelling into their messaging
  • Are looking to increase organic search engine results
  • Want to focus on content quality more than quantity
  • Believe their experts differentiate their brand
  • Want to build more influence within the market 

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expert content marketing workshop


Expert Content Marketing Workshop:

Introduction To The New Buyer Journey
  • Impact of digital technologies
  • Understanding the modern buyer
  • The impact on the sales and marketing
  • LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)


Social Media Profile Optimisation
  • Identify your existing socially active 'experts' 
  • Optimise their online profiles  (LinkedIn & Twitter)
  • Explain the opportunity & expectations
  • Social listening for content inspiration
Content Strategy Planning
  • Aligning content to the buyer journey
  • Understanding what's trending & relevant
  • Where and how to find content
  • Finding content inspiration
  • Creating content that's relevant to your audience
  • Building out your content strategy
  • Researching content types, topics & keywords
Researching, Constructing & Optimising Blogs
  • Best practice blog structure
  • How storytelling brings blog posts to life
  • Optimising posts with imagery, headings & keywords
  • Understand how to optimise raw content
  • Creating promotional social posts for blogs
Measuring Success & Extending Content Life
  • How to measure content performance
  • What the metrics mean and how to optimise
  • Re-purposing content for long-term success

52% of B2B buyers use thought leadership content to vet an organisation

Source:  LinkedIn

Pricing & Delivery Options

Content Marketing Workshop (Full Day)

Max 15
£ 3,125 /per workshop
  • Max 15 learners
  • 7-hour workshop on-site
  • Pre-workshop research and analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Customised training material
  • Excludes travel and expenses

Content Marketing Webinar Series

Max 30
£ 5,800 /per series
  • Max 30 learners
  • 3 live webinars (1 hour) with active discussion
  • Bi-weekly instalments
  • Recordings available
  • Live demos with tools and content
  • Structured tasks to complete each week