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    |  45-Minute Webinar + Online Social Maturity Quiz |

    Introduce The Benefits Of  Employee Advocacy
    And Social Selling

    Explain the business value of engaging your employees

    The 45-minute taster webinar introduces the business value of employee advocacy so your employees understand why this is happening and what the company expects to achieve as a result.

    Sell the benefits of participating in a program

    Employees also need to know what's in it for them - the taster webinar also explains the value to them.  What's the benefit of engaging?  What's the value of an online personal brand?  How will it help build relationships and further their career?

    Identify your pilot group of early adopters

    Use our Enterprise Social Media Maturity Quiz to identify your inactives right through to your expert influencers.  Allow your employees to register their interest so you focus your time and training on your most engaged employees first.

    Download our FREE Employee Advocacy Workbook and learn how to plan an advocacy  program in 8 simple steps.

    "Whilst only about 2% of employees re-share the content their companies share, they’re responsible for 20% of the overall engagement that content receives"

    Source: LinkedIn


    Employee Advocacy Taster Webinar & Quiz Overview

    If you're ready to begin your advocacy journey, or expand your existing program to additional employees, this service is a great way to begin.

    The Employee Advocacy Taster Webinar & Quiz is a simple service designed to give you insights into your employees readiness for employee advocacy and the different types of training and support they will require.

    The Enterprise version of the quiz allows your employees to find out their current social media maturity and provides a few tips for progression.  It also allows employees who are keen to put their hands up and be part of the program. 

    The Taster Webinar communicates the value of employee advocacy to your employees in a simple, engaging and proven way. Your employees will learn what employee advocacy is and why the company wants to do it. More importantly, it also answers the "what's in it for me?" question employees typically ask, explaining the benefit of social media in the workplace, personal branding, and digital relationships.

    You may also be interested in our Employee Advocacy Launch & Embed program.

    What's Included:

    • Hosted introductory webinar for up to 80 employees
    • 1 month access to a bespoke Enterprise version of our Social Media Maturity quiz.

    Expected Outcomes: 

    • Basic introduction to Employee Advocacy for your employees
    • Mapping of employee social media maturity
    • Identification of employees ready for advocacy

    Ideal For Organisations That: 

    • Are ready for an employee advocacy program
    • Need to educate and engage employees in the program
    • What to identify employees for a pilot program
    • Want to find out their employees' maturity level to identify training and on-boarding needs

    taster webinar and quiz


    “88% of employees use at least one social network for personal use and 50% already post content about their employer.”

    Source:  Weber Shandwick

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    Employee Advocacy Taster Webinar

    + Enterprise Social Media Maturity Quiz
    £ 2,100

    45-minute Employee Advocacy Taster Webinar:

    - 45-minute webinar for up to 90 employees*
    - What is employee advocacy?
    - Why is employee advocacy useful to the company?
    - What are the benefits for the employee? 

    Enterprise Social Media Maturity Quiz:

    - 30 days access
    - Unlimited responses
    - Custom branding
    - up to 2 additional bespoke questions
    - Maturity model mapping
    - Data in Excel format



    * Larger scale webinars available