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Jun 19, 2019 Sarah Goodall

Social Selling: Do You Know What Crystal Knows?

Social Selling Do You Know What Crystal Knows

If you have ever worked in a corporate environment you’ve likely taken part in personality questionnaires. They’re a fun way to discover how your behaviours may differ to that of others based on psychological preferences – hugely powerful if you’re in a sales role.

DISC is a behaviour assessment tool which centres on four different personality traits which are currently Dominance, Influence (I), Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.  Crystal Knows is an online tool that embeds into your browser.  It uses personality AI to DiSC profile others based on their LinkedIn profile. 

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how it works.  Some say it looks at your education history, career history, roles and even the content you share on social media.   All I know is that it’s frighteningly accurate and hugely powerful.

For most modern sellers LinkedIn is the go-to tool of choice for one key reason – it’s the #1 B2B social networking platform for business. 

However, LinkedIn shouldn’t be the only tool in your toolbox if you’re to maximise your modern selling impact.  

Here’s a short video explaining how it works:


HubSpot Video


How Behaviour Profiling Can Help Social Sellers?

As B2B buyers continue to shift more of their buyer journey online, sales teams need to differentiate their digital outreach with highly customised, relevant and timely communications. 

This is a tool that helps you understand the mind-set and personality of your future buyer and there are several reasons why this might be useful to Social Sellers.


  • InMail Personalisation: If you’re crafting an InMail to a prospective buyer, Crystal advises you on how to write the salutation, close the email and even recommend subject headline options in order to increase your open rate.

Crystal Knows Blog Image 1

  • Pre-meeting Context: Before you go to a meeting, check out how your personality traits align to your prospective buyer.  Understand what motivates them, how to communicate with them and most importantly what phrases to avoid.  I’ve used tribe member Vanessa Baker as an example and whilst it looks like we’re poles apart, we do actually get on quite well (unless Vanessa tells me otherwise!).

Crsytal Knows Blog Image 2


  • Buyer Circle Profiling: If you’re a LinkedIn Sales Navigator user you will be identifying other leads within the buyer circle.  It’s likely that these leads will not be 2nd degree connections nor posting content which doesn’t give you much to go on.  Use the Crystal Scenario insights to understand more about how they’re likely to react to your proposal once it crosses their desk and anticipate their needs and questions in advance.

Crsytal Knows Blog Image 3

  • It integrates into CRM: What better place to grab these insights than in the system that you use to communicate with your buyers and customers.  HubSpot, Salesforce and SalesLoft all have integrations included.


There – I’ve given away all the insights on how you can best get along with me but then you probably got the idea via my videos anyway.

The people who will most benefit from such insights will be those responsible for generating new business including Business Development, Inside Sales and Demand Generation agents.

If you’re curious to learn what Crystal Knows about you, you can sign up for a free trial which gives you access to review 10 profile reviews for free.  Make sure you check out yours first.  Is it accurate?


(Please note:  We’re an affiliate partner of Crystal Knows.  If you choose to take a paid plan via this link, Crystal Knows will reimburse 5% back to Tribal Impact.  We asked Crystal Knows for a discount code instead, so you get the direct benefit.  They couldn’t.  So instead, I pledge that all money raised via this link will be given to Mind – the mental health charity)



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Published by Sarah Goodall June 19, 2019
Sarah Goodall