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Hi there

The nights are drawing in, it’s getting cooler and if I’m honest, I’m having a hard time getting used to the fact our youngest daughter will be starting school in September. She was born 8 weeks before I started Tribal Impact which makes today special - we’re celebrating our 4th birthday

Leading a start-up has been a huge learning experience as any leader will understand.  Whilst August is typically quiet, it’s been a pretty busy month at Tribal HQ – we’ve recorded videos, podcasts and participated in a book launch

I’m utterly honoured (and a little stunned) to have written the first chapter in The Social CEO - a new book by Damian Corbet about how social media can make leaders stronger. 

I’d argue that modern leaders need social savviness to stay close to their communities whether employees, members or customers. Listening is a key leadership skill and social media allows leaders to listen at scale. That’s why it’s our feature Chatter topic this month and a content focus for my team.

Time to tuck into my celebratory Krispy Kreme doughnut from the beach in Bognor Regis!


All the best,


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